I'm just a dragon slayer who has a manga and cake obsession, and a deep passion for tv shows. I wish I could spend everyday watching tv shows.

I've recently just made Instagram so follow me on winniebui  people who want to sex me

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💕💕☁️☁️ A picture of me wearing me 👸☁️☁️💕💕




what if your friend had a freak accident where his thang got cut off and he need a dick transplant and he ask you for 3 inches

how he gon ask me for all I got


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vat you want

What's it like studying marketing? ‒ Anonymous

Its pretty normal, like any other business majors, full of theories and group work, except with marketing you’re expected to generate ideas about whatever you’re learning and that’s the part i enjoy the most - creating things as well as learning about consumers and how they process

(why is everyone so interested in marketing?)

vat you want

What interests you about studying marketing? ‒ Anonymous

the creativity that exists within such a bland environment


Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.