I'm just a dragon slayer who has a manga and cake obsession, and a deep passion for tv shows. I wish I could spend everyday watching tv shows.

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holy attractive shit
A part of me is losing itself, another part of me is finding itself
Making my way towards silver 🔗

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My life

Everything you love is here
如果你选择牵起我的手, 就别放开了.

If you choose to hold my hand, then don’t let go.

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I know what it feels like, and it sucks, it really does, when you are up in the middle of the night thinking about the things that you’ve suddenly became aware of. The things you’re missing out on right now, and all the people who are not close to you anymore, and all of the good times that will never happen again, and all the people who have meant the world to you who have forgotten about you forever, and you get this awful feeling that’s kind of like a mix between loneliness and nostalgia.
My body aches from my birthday 😭🎂🎉🌴🌴 #ootn#oasis#kbleadesigns#windsorsmith